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Publications: Magazines Let Freedom Ring! and Libertarian Strategy Gazette

                       Books Stand Up for Liberty!, Funding Liberty!, and Lucha Por tu Libertad!

                       Essays Letters on Libertarian Strategy
Political Methods: Campaign methods, strategies that Libertarians should follow, candidates and campaign outcomes, 

                       non-electoral political activities in Massachusetts and beyond.

On the Issues: Libertarian positions on real issues in Massachusetts and beyond.
Snowflakes: The Democratic-Republican campaign against freedom in America.
Links: Collections of links to other pro-liberty groups.
Memberships:  Now is the time!  Join Liberty for Massachusetts, the most effective statewide libertarian organization in Massachusetts.  Dues are only $20/year ($10/year discount for members who agree to receive publications electronically. 

Current Translation Project - George Phillies Book "Stand up for Liberty" has been translated into Spanish.
Proyecto actual de traducir - el Libro de George Phillies "Stand Up for Liberty" estará traducido a EspaZol.